What is a Young Ambassador?

A Young Ambassador is an outstanding and committed sports leader that takes on the additional responsibility of increasing participation, promoting PE and school sport and being a link between teachers and young people.

There are 4 types of Young Ambassadors: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze.

Platinum Young Ambassadors will have spent at least a year as a Gold Ambassador and now act as a mentor, supporting the training of Gold and Silver Ambassadors.

Gold Young Ambassadors work across a local area co-ordinating activity.

Silver Young Ambassadors work in their own school and at intra and inter school competition events.

Bronze Young Ambassadors are primary aged children operating in their own school.


Bronze Ambassador Criteria

Silver Ambassador Criteria

Gold Ambassador Criteria

Platinum Ambasssador Criteria

What do they do?

  • Develop projects to increase participation in PE, and promote healthy lifestyles.
  • Train other Young Ambassadors.
  • Promote PE and school sport.
  • Manage the Sports Leaders and other Young Ambassadors.


Independent evaluation findings

Young Ambassadors reported undertaking a range of activities in their role, with most involved in sports events but also

  • 59% of Young Ambassadors consulted with pupils about PE and school sport.
  • 52% became involved in the school decision making process.
  • 42% undertook public speaking responsibilities at events and in assemblies.
  • 90% of teachers are using Young Ambassadors to support activities in primary schools.
  • 45% of Young Ambassadors are involved in Change 4 life clubs.
  • 54% Young Ambassadors are involved in School Sport Organising Committees or equivalent.


How do I select my Young Ambassadors?

Many schools use an application and interview process, others are selected by their peers and some use the teachers. To select your Young Ambassadors use the person specifications as a guide to ensure you select the right type of young person.


How many Young Ambassadors can we have in our school?

There is no fixed number but the Young Ambassador role should be used as an extension for the best of the best sports leaders.


How are the Young Ambassadors trained?

The Sports Partnership will organise a training day for the Bronze Ambassadors. Secondary schools, please contact us directly if you would like to discuss Ambassador training. 


What are the benefits to me and my school/s?

An independent evaluation found that the Young Ambassador programme has:

  • Increased participation in PE and school sport.
  • 88% of School Games Organisers surveyed said that Young Ambassadors had increased local capacity to deliver inter and intra school competition.
  • Built stronger school links.
  • 76% of SGO’s reported that the Young Ambassador programme had strengthened links with schools.
  • Created a leadership pathway.
  • Teachers utilise the Young Ambassador programme as an extension to their leadership programme.
  • Developed a young person focused school sport offer.
  • Young Ambassadors were an effective intermediary with students which made PE and sports more responsive to student wishes and therefore more popular.


What are the benefits for my young people?

An independent evaluation found that:

  • Young Ambassadors gained a range of skills through the programme.
  • 84% said they were better a communicating with a range of people.
  • 77% said they were better at finding solutions and making decisions.
  • 75% said they were better at listening to others and 72% at understanding other people’s feelings.



  • 91% said Young Ambassadors demonstrated an improved desire to achieve and improve.
  • 84% reported an improvement in the professionalism of the Young Ambassadors.
  • 82% reported an improvement in emotional intelligence the ability to listen effectively, interpret accurately, and communicate with clarity and confidence.


To nominate Ambassadors for your school, please contact the School Games Organisers.